Leslie Dowdall

Lead Singer

Leslie was a founder member of In Tua Nua. Since the break up in 1989 Leslie has made two solo albums, ‘No Guilt No Guile’ featuring the hit Wonderful Thing, and ‘Out There’ featuring the single Freedom. After battling and beating cancer hands down, she has since collaborated on many projects with, amongst others, Fiachra Trench, Ronan Hardiman, Sir George Martin, Paul Brady, Mike Hanrahan and Honor Heffernan. As her day job Leslie runs workshops, teaching performance and singing skills to young, aspiring artists.




Paul Byrne


Paul was a founder member of In Tua Nua. After the break up in 1989 he set up Yellow Moon Studios and got into production. He formed a studio duo ‘Sugar Candy Mountain’ with Martin Clancy and had a hit with ‘Do You Know What Hurts The Children?’ Since then he has supplied the driving beat (not to mention vocals) behind The Texas Kellys (with Steve Wickham), Dave & The Bebops, Rocky De Valera & The Gravediggers, Shane MacGowan and The Shane Gang and The Guilty Party. Mixing the dream job with the day job, he has his own media company Optophonic incorporating Phonic Studios and I-NV-U Records.




Jack Dublin


If Dublin was an instrument, it’d be a bass guitar with Jack, one of the founding pillars of In Tua Nua, anchoring the beat. Before ITN, Jack played in Rocky De Valera and The Gravediggers and later with Paul in Deaf Actor. After the initial ITN breakup, Jack went into management for a while and briefly looked after Irish band Christina Calls but writing, recording and performing have always been Jack’s first love. Since ITN he has played with Audiokiss, Rocky De Valera (again), Shane MacGowan and The Shane Gang and The Guilty Party.




Derek Cronin


Derek worked as head producer/composer in Optophonic with Paul from 2001 to 2010. As a keyboard & piano player he has recorded, toured and performed with acts such as The Commitments, Donovan, Juliet Turner, Brian Kennedy, Westlife, the Dublin City Jazz Orchestra, and Jack L. Derek was part of the In Tua Nua 2004 warm-up chapter: think Thomas Dolby but with hair and from Dublin…  Check out his blog at  http://www.moanincronin.com.





Dave McGinley


Dave cut his teeth in the aftermath of the punk/post-punk explosions, writing, playing and hovering around bands such as ‘Eugene’ and ‘Precious Stones’ with gigging spells in London and Germany. Dave’s earliest gigs with ‘Eugene’ included playing support around Dublin for Paul and Jack’s band ‘Deaf Actor’. Over the following years doing sessions with Celine Carroll, Eibhin Eviston, TV with Debbie Harry, Mary Coughlan, Justin Hayward, session guitarist at a number of major festivals over the years. It was playing together on TV with Debbie Harry recently that Dave and Paul reconnected and the rest as they say is history.




Conn Woolridge


Multi-instrumentalist Conn teaches an instrument for every letter of the alphabet, but has narrowed it down to violin for the latest In Tua Nua instalment. The early years were spent playing in west Cork band Harmonix with his brother and sisters. No stranger to any genre – folk, flamenco, jazz, rock – Conn toured with In Tua Nua in 2004 as a warm-up warm-up for the Electric Picnic 2012…



Leo “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” Rickard

Uilleann Pipes

Leo was a founder member of the Irish trad group ‘Clann Eadair’ from Howth, who released the Phil Lynott produced single ‘Tribute To Sandy Denny’ in 1984. Leo also toured as guest piper with ‘Cry Before Dawn’ and ‘In Tua Nua’ in the 80s. Since then Leo has released two solo albums ‘Pure Piping’ and ‘Up, Down and Around’. Leo has always loved to mix the pipes up with other styles of music, most recently collaborating with Peter Hedlund, a Swedish Nyckelharpa player, so with that in mind, no better place for him to be than In Tua Nua.