In Tua Nua Update

In the old days we needed a fan club to keep in touch with everyone, now we have the web and we intend to use it!

5 thoughts on “In Tua Nua Update

  1. Great to see you guys back in action. It’s been many, many moons since I saw you play last! (Holland ’88) Ah… the soundtrack of my youth… See you at the Picnic!

  2. Hiya,

    Fab to see you back together again!! Seems like a lifetime since I last saw you play in Manchester in the 80s!!

    I’ve been searching everywhere for a copy of the ‘All I Wanted (2012 Version)’ CD or vinyl – can you tell me where can I buy it?

    Are there any plans to re-release the ‘Somebody To Love’ LP at all?


    • Hi Paul,
      All I Wanted (2012 version) is a download only single. We ran off some CD-Rs for radio but most of them just want a file these days. If you like we can send you the artwork for the disc so you can print one off yourself?

      The LP you refer to was actually ‘Map Of Days’. A few tracks from it were used on a compilation in Italy titled ‘Somebody To Love’ which also used the artwork from the single. We are trying to locate the masters of Ian Broudie produced’Map Of Days’at the moment. We’ll post when we have news.

      Thanks for all your comments.


  3. It’s great to see ITN back again. You produced one of the defining sounds of Irish rock music back in the ’80s. It would be great to have “Map of Days” finally see the light of day!

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